Facing competition for ‘doing good’ from other charities AND for profits businesses, we help you focus on how best to generate income whilst retaining your social heart...


As a charity, regulation is increasing.  Yet you need to do more than ever for your beneficiaires and society as a whole. And income is harder to attract.  For Profits and Social Enteprises are realising that 'doing good' is no longer just for charities. So competition for beneficiaries,  income,  trust and impact is more than before.  You need not  just to be agile, but you also need to be sustainable OR recognise when the time is right to stop what you are doing in the way  you are doing it.


The 'Where To Focus' - We help you to decide whether where you want to be is where you should be (your strategic objectives).

The 'How to Get There' - And then we make sure your people, your stakeholder relationships, your systems and procedures,  your people, and your finances all work together to make sure you get there (your strategy)

Having the best business and management skills within your organisation - We are passionate that you know what we know and that you, and  your staff,  are as business and management savvy as they are technically savvy.  By working in partnership with you we try to leave you with the skills you need for the future.  

And by training you and your staff in the latest skills and techniques to be savvy business people, but with a social heart, we make sure you have those skills embedded throughout the organisation.

For more on our Skills Enhancement Programmes, click the link below to download the PDF file:

Firm Beliefs Skills Enhancement programme.


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